Steven Wong Accountants

Why We Do What We Do

Steven Wong Accountants (SWA) was founded to lead change. We believe in your growth.

Providing the support needed, we can together create a bigger change in this world than we could alone.

Our vision comes from the belief in every business’ that they can each create something bigger.

Our vision is brought by creating tailored solutions and quality assurance which meet your needs.

Our specialists provide the time and care in all aspects of work to ensure your position is maximised and effective for growth.

SWA’s support comes with the highest quality accounting services that you can be proud of.

Steven Wong Accountants

Accounting For Growth

Our strategy

Using creative imagination and applying effective strategies, we achieve goals specifically tailored to each client.


We apply and use all extensive resources to find the best accounting, business and life-style solution for your specific goals.


Keeping private information safe and secure is a top priority at Steven Wong Accountants. Your information will remain important and confidential with us.